In this five-day program participants experience the processes, skills, and paradigm shifts necessary to transform from the traditional "manager" to facilitative leader, change agent and team coach. To ensure a top quality experience we accept a maximum of fifteen participants in each session.
Based on Proven Leadership Principles
The Experience is built around The Positive Impact Facilitative Leadership Model. During the week, participants will learn and, through group exercises and structured role-play, experience the essence, competencies, and success indicators of each dimension
Learning Objectives
By the end of the five-day transformational experience each participant will:
  • Understand the dimensions and competencies of the Positive Impact Facilitative Leadership Model;
  • Assess the strengths and development needs of his/her leadership style based on the Positive Impact Facilitative Leadership 360 degree assessment;
  • Create the foundation of a one-year leadership development plan;
  • Explain the significance and impact of facilitative leadership and coaching on supporting a high performance, team-based work environment;
  • Participate in experiential exercises (including video-recording) on coaching others and being coached on their own leadership style;
  • Participate as a facilitative leader, coach and team member;
  • Develop basic skills and vocabulary for facilitative leadership in a team-based environment;
  • Develop a support network for mutual mentoring and continuous improvement as a facilitative leader;
  • Learn the basic skills of facilitation to use anywhere.
What is a facilitative leader?
A facilitative leader leads by asking, listening and being a catalyst for continuous improvement and learning. Participants will learn to inspire subordinates to think critically and determine what needs to be done, rather than telling them what to do.

Participants Learn to develop team members who see themselves a committed "owners" of their work processes, striving for excellence and embracing change as an opportunity to learn and grow.

What is a Positive Impact Coach?
A coach is a leader who has learned to use facilitation skills as a method of developing high-energy, empowered teamwork
Why do we use the Facilitative Leadership 360-degree assessment?
The Facilitative Leadership 360-degree assessment is based on the Positive Impact Facilitative Leadership Model. The personal and confidential data you receive from your assessment on the first day enables you to customize your learning experience. You will be able to plan and meet your own facilitative leadership development goals based on input from those with whom you work closely.
How do we conduct the Facilitative Leadership 360-degree Assessment?
Positive Impact, with your assistance, will invite your staff, colleagues, and leaders to complete a brief, confidential questionnaire on your strengths and development needs. We will compile the data and produce a report for you. You will receive candid feedback for your own professional growth.
How do we ensure learning transfer to the real world?
At Positive Impact we are slightly crazy about real world results! Everything we do is to create a learning experience that causes the participant to re-enter the workplace eager to apply new skills and competencies for achieving excellence. At the Facilitative Leadership Experience every leader practices applying those skills and competencies in simulations throughout The week.

At the end of the week participants develop re-entry "transfer" plans for taking their learning insights back and beginning to apply them the following Monday. The re-entry plans are presented to the class and participants receive feedback an suggestions to make the even more potent.

Who would benefit from this experience?
Facilitative Leadership assumes that informal power is the most effective type of power to inspire motivation and ownership in an organization. The skills of informal power should be developed even by those who who have formal and traditional ranking power within the organization.

We recommend that senior management attend first, so they can set the tone and serve as role models, leaving no doubt that the organization is serious about quality leadership. But, anyone who acts in any leadership capacity to create teamwork and continuous process improvement would benefit from The Experience. This includes executives, managers and supervisors. In today's fast paced project-oriented world, project and team leaders and facilitators should also attend.

What is the schedule for the week?
Learn the foundational concepts of Facilitative Leadership and self-directed team coaching.  Learn the Positive Impact Facilitative Leadership Competency Model and receive individual feedback data from 360 degree assessment.  Utilizing the assessment data, develop a personalized leadership improvement plan.
Learn and experience the competencies associated with the Leadership Dimensions of Leading and Mentoring, and begin the simulation experience of self-directed teamwork through start-up activities for small coaching teams. 
Learn and experience the competencies associated with the Leadership Dimensions of Partnering and Improving. Continue the process of self-directed learning through experience in small coaching teams.
Learn and experience the competencies associated with the Leadership Dimension of Recognizing. Continue the simulation of self-directed teamwork through small coaching teams and evaluate the team's effectiveness and prepare a team presentation. 
Synthesize the learnings of the week. Present and analyze re-entry plans for the transfer of the concepts back to the real workplace, and develop personal metaphors for remembering key concepts. CELEBRATE!
Fee: $1,850, including 360 Assessment
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The Facilitative Leadership/Coaching Experience
A Transformational Learning Journey to Leading the Team-Based Organization
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