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About Our Course
We at Positive Impact have been helping organizations achieve customer-focused quality for many years. We know that your job as a team facilitator will not only be rewarding, but at times difficult, challenging, and even frustrating. We have designed this practical skills-oriented training to help you build your career and your professional confidence in dealing with all those times.

During the course you will receive coaching and practice in the skills necessary to facilitate meetings and teams from start-up, through issues analysis, to process improvement cycle design. You will receive video feedback, encouragement, advice, and suggestions on your facilitating skills & style from your faculty and fellow participants .

Learning Objectives
In this course you will receive training that will enable you to build and refine professional skills to
  • Facilitate and manage results-focused meetings;
  • Transform groups into teams;
  • Facilitate teams using high energy group dynamics principles and strategies;
  • Administer temperament typing assessments, understand and explain the advantages of a diversity of temperaments in teams;
  • Communicate clearly and effectively, even when risks are high;
  • Manage the most thorny problems in group process:
  • Select and apply analytical tools with project management and continuous improvement teams:
  • Utilize the adult learning process to maximize training effectiveness and team performance;
  • Develop and refine your presentation and effectiveness;
  • Integrate quality skills and wisdom into your personal style to become a powerful role model for your organization's success!
What Facilitator Boot Camp Participants Have Said

The most valuable thing for me was...

"...the entire program was very well organized (and) flowed well. All the instructors were well prepared and did an excellent job. In the ten years I've worked for the State of California this is the finest training I've had."

"...the practical hands-on experience and the material in the handbook - I will use it constantly!!"

"...the knowledge and expertise of the trainers. The binder is well put-together. I enjoyed the diversity of training materials."

"...getting feedback from peers, viewing yourself in video, and getting a chance to review the video at home."

"...understanding the role of the facilitator in a team setting."

"...Sticky walls! Yes!! Learning to facilitate on sticky walls alone was worth the registration fee!!"

"...this is the most positive thing that has ever happened to my career in the last ten years."

How do we ensure learning transfer to the real world?
At Positive Impact we are slightly crazy about real world results! Everything we do is to create a learning experience that causes the participant to re-enter the workplace eager to apply new skills and competencies for achieving excellence. Every Facilitator Boot Camp participant practices applying those skills and competencies in simulations throughout the week.
What is the schedule for the week?
  • The facilitator's role;
  • Results oriented meeting management;
  • Building trust and safety in groups;
  • The role of teams in quality management systems;
  • Chartering teams for effectiveness and productivity;
  • Introduction to the case study.
  • Temperament Typing
  • Effective Communications;
  • 1001 ways to use a sticky wall;
  • Group dynamics;
  • Interventions for difficult team situations
  • Case studies and video practice
  • Ice breakers to energize meetings
  • Personal skills development through video feedback
  • Analytical strategies for team innovation;
  • Group analytical tools;
  • Case studies and video practice;
  • Adult performance management;
  • "Just-in-time" training for teams'
  • Presentation flair
  • Inner work for facilitators
  • Presentation preparation
  • Vision and the successful facilitator;
  • Just-in-time team training presentation;
  • Positive Impact strategies for facilitator networks;
Fee: $1,750
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