Facilitator Cafe
"On Demand"
Facilitator Cafe "On Demand" is available through a partnership between Positive Impact and The Kolbe Company. This is a service to provide 1.5 hour workshops "On Demand" for groups of ten or more, at $20 per person. The topics include proven facilitation tools and methodologies, that can be utilized immediately by participants to solve typical facilitator challenges.

These programs are typically provided early in the morning over breakfast for a Cafe'-like experience. However they can be arranged for a client's connivence at any time.

Following is a partial list of tools and topics for facilitation method demonstrations:
  • Cooperative Group Study
  • Brain Mapping and Whole Brain Teamwork
  • Commitment Ladders
  • Developing Team Charters
  • Diffusing Defensive Reactions
  • Vision Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Baldrige - A Tool for Strategic Planning Facilitators
  • Economic and Community Development Strategies
  • Electronic Meetings - Heidi Kolbe
  • Electronic Meetings Demonstration
  • Facilitating effective Feedback
  • Group Dynamics and the Drama Triangle
  • Histograms
  • Open Space
  • Partnering with Recorders
  • Power of Process Flow Charting
  • Project Management Teams and Ownership
  • Project Milestone and Talent Mapping
  • Survey Design
  • Team building Games
  • Team-building with Toys
  • The World Cafe
  • Transparent Facilitation and Trust Building
  • Virtual Teamwork Toolkit
  • Wall of Wonder
To arrange a Cafe On Demand presentation for your group please call or email
Cheri Douglas: 916-366-3000 or Heidi Kolbe: 916-442-0371