The Goal of this program is to teach participants how to develop fair and valid exercies for job applicants to be able to demonstrate actual skills, in order to increase the effectiveness of the hiring process.
In this era of applicant and resume automation software and internet search capabilities, job applicants appear more and more similar. It has become increasingly difficult to differentiate between skill sets during the hiring process without utilizing assessment center methods.

This program will teach participants how to design valid performance assessment exercises and then rate and rank them fairly. The use of such exercises enables the hiring panel to observe applicants actually performing the key requirements of the job.

Instructional Objectives
By the end of this training, participatns will be able to:
  • Explain competency-based job design;
  • Develop a job description based on competence indicators;
  • Set priorities on critical performance indicators;
  • Write a competency-based job announcement;
  • Design key competency assessment exercises for a specific job in their own workplace;
  • Design rating scales for competency-based performance assessments;
  • Explain the fast-track team building as preparation for hiring panels using the competency-based performance assessment model.
Who Should Attend?
This program is especially designed for hiring panel members, HR hiring agents, managers, supervisors, team leaders and project managers.

All Positive Impact courses are highly interactive. Though not required, participants are encouraged to bring laptops and files to enable them to apply principles and methods to real live scenarios throughout the class.

Fee: $1,100.00
For more information or to register
call or email Jeff Douglas: 916-366-3000
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Successful Employee Selection Through Performance Assessment Interviewing
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