Team Transformation
Chartering Self-Directed, High Performance Work-teams

Team Transformation will help your team develop a clearly focused vision, mission, and shared team expectations, while strengthening communication, group planning, and problem solving skills.

How do we get people to work together - in teams, across functions and across cultures?
Participation in in a Team Transformation Retreat will enable team members to:
  • Clarify criteria for high performance teamwork;
  • Identify the advantages and challenges of diversity within the team;
  • Develop group process, communication, and group planning and problem-solving skills needed to support team effectiveness;
  • Charter their team vision, mission, values, and operating principles;
  • Identify gaps between the group's current functions and the vision;
  • Participate as a coach and team member;
  • Develop action plans and group commitments for achieving the vision
How will Positive Impact prepare for our team retreat?
To customize your team retreat agenda, we will conduct a 45 minute discussion with each team member before the retreat. Issues and hopes for teambuilidng outcomes will be clarified and planned into the agenda. A Positive Impact teambuilding staff person will call to schedule and coordinate these meetings.

Each team member will be asked to complete The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). The world’s leading assessment tool, at the foundation of Whole Brain Thinking, the HBDI is a 120-question assessment that identifies your preferred approach to thinking. Are you more emotional, analytical, structural or strategic? The HBDI measures a person's preference both for right-brained or left-brained thinking and for conceptual or experiential thinking.

Positive Impact staff will compile data from the assessment and produce individual brain dominance profiles for each member and a team report that combines data from all team members. These reports help members better understand themselves and others, and how diversity of thinking styles affects team dynamics.

What is a team?
A team is two or more people working together through collaborative planning and problem solving, committed to accomplishing a clearly shared goal.
What is the purpose of the Team Charter?
The purpose of chartering is to lay a foundation for transforming a group of people into a cohesive, committed and supportive, high performance team. Team chartering develops teamwork skills and clarifies the team's vision, goals, success indicators, roles, and continuous improvement action plans. Real teambuilding happens after the retreat as team members follow through on the plans and commitments outlined in their charter.
What will it feel like to participate in a Positive Impact Team Transformation retreat?
A third of the time will feel like a training seminar where the team is taught basic team communication and group process skills. Two-thirds of the time will feel like a team planning and problem solving meeting where participants apply teamwork skills to charter themselves as a team and to develop action plans.
What if there is a conflict between team members?
Conflict arises in all teams, whether they are at work or at a retreat. If conflict is surfaced, accepted constructively, and discussed objectively, the conflict contributes valuable information to continuously improve team dynamics. When this happens at a retreat, the team learns how to manage conflict with a win-win problem solving strategy.
How do we measure the success and the value of the time we invest?
All team agreements, commitments, and action plans are recorded throughout the teambuilding session. At the end of the retreat Positive Impact will generate a report to be delivered to each member. This report becomes the planning foundation enabling the team to follow up and review progress. Team check points are established during the retreat in which the plan is used to measure progress and identify continuous improvement needs.
Typical Team Transformation Agenda
Day One

Day Two

  • Continental Breakfast
  • Team Charter Development
  • Meeting Management Tips
  • Action planning
  • Celebration and Adjourn
Team Transformation Fee if presented in Sacramento: $5,880 plus $285 per participant.
For More Information or to Schedule Your Team Transformation Retreat
Please Call or email Jeff Douglas: 916-366-3000