Stepping Up Planning Execution & Results
Project Management
Training Module #4
S.U.P.E.R.™ Project Management Boot Camp: Part II
Basic PM Methods, Sustaining Documentation,
Metrics and Monitoring for Results
The overall goal of Module #4 is to assist Project Managers and Coaches in the development of classic Project Management methods, utilizing documentation and metric tools needed to build clear and user friendly data dashboards. Further, it is the goal to assist in the use of these PM analytical/administrative tools to monitor and support results-driven S.U.P.E.R.™ Project Teams to achieve successful outcomes, keep the organization informed of progress, and share learning cycles with other teams.
Participation in this 5-Day Boot Camp will enable Project Managers and Coaches to:
  1. Understand and utilize basic PM planning and monitoring forms and formats in ways that facilitate Team results and do not become unnecessary time consuming activities.
  2. Develop skills in completing basic project management documents, which will create standard operating procedures for the organization.
  3. Review database tools for team collaboration and dashboards with the involvement of their organization’s IT resources persons.
  4. Explain the basic metrics for measuring the success of a project, and practice developing specific metrics that might be useful on current projects.
  5. Develop Project budgets, review standard budget reports, and solve problem scenarios for keeping projects on target.
  6. Create a continuous improvement communication plan for the life of a project.
  7. Create a plan for the closing of a completed project.
Maximum Participants: 15
Fee: $15,850 per session
For more information or to register
call or email Jeff Douglas: 916-366-3000