The Positive Impact Leadership Model

The Dimension Wheels

The outside edge of each wheel (where the rubber meets the road) is the essence of the dimension.

The spokes are the competencies for success in each dimension.

How was the model developed?

Positive Impact developed this model, first known as The Positive Impact Coaching Model, twelve years ago. Based on our research, input from nearly 3,000 participants, and our own consulting experience, it has been continuously improved and validated to meet the nedds of a complex and rapidly changing workplace. Participants frequently tell us that understanding the model is the most valuable tool they take away from the experience.

Leading For Shared Vision

Develops maximum ownership among stakeholders through facilitative leadership and coaching to develop a shared vision. Serves as an enthusiastic advocate and role model of the vision among team members, customers, partners, and the community.

Mentoring For Mutual Respect

Encourages continuous learning as a role model and coach for the development of self and others through inquiry, listening, skills development, discovery, honest feedback and creative problem solving to remove learning barriers.

Partnering For Trust

Routinelly facilitates shared understanding, commitment, and benefit among internal and external customers through development of shared vision, clear roles, and mutual expectations and ownership of success strategies.

Improving For Growth and Results

Facilitates continuous quality improvement of processes and skills through participative approaches to involving partners in gathering data, analyzing and learning from trends and problems, developing continuous improvement strategies, and monitoring real results.

Recognizing for a Culture of Honor

Manages continuous forward momentum in the culture by demonstrating appreciation for daily efforts and contributions and celebrating achievements to build an environment of honor and mutual respect among teams and team members.