Stepping Up Planning Execution & Results
Project Management
Are you experiencing increasing demands on your most
critical or diminished resources? Mounting stacks of work
Can threaten your organization's morale and mission!

NOW is the time to LIFT MORALE & RESULTS...

Reinvigorate workplace culture for transformational EXCELLENCE!


Training Module
Target Audience
Time Commitment
1. Top Executive Sponsorship of Clearly Actionable PM Priorities Top Executive Management Team
2 Days
2. Sponsorship & Coaching skills for Super Projects Lilne Managers and Project Management Coaches
3 Days
3. Super Project management Boot Camp: Part I - Facilitation and team building Ownership Skills Project Managers, Project Management Coaches and Project Team Members
5 Days
4. Super Project Management Boot Camp: Part II - Basic PM Methods, Sustaining Documentation, Metrics and Monitoring for Results. Managers, Project Management Coaches and Project Team Members
5 Days
5. Super Project Start-up Team Building and High Impact Chartering Project manager and Project Team Members
Individual interview + 3 Day Session
6. Real-time facilitative On'Offiste Team Improvement, Fact-finding and Coaching Leaders and/or Team Members 3 Day Time Bank of On site, Custom Training
We will work with your organization’s infrastructure experts to make sure the program is customized to plug-in easily into existing systems or create guidelines Project Management for systems that need to be developed. Module #6 enables Positive Impact to do onsite coaching to make your system work.